Audio Commentaries by Real Alaskans

What's a "Real Alaskan"?  Someone with liberty in their heart, and a strong sense of independence, not co-dependence on the government or any of the bureaucracies.

These commentaries are short, folks.  But all of them are well-researched as well as heartfelt.

Click on the links below to hear the commentaries.

Have you ever been charged by a bear?  Just as with a bear, we must stand and face COVID-19.  Michael Truex

Do masks really stop viruses?  The SCIENCE says,  Just as well as sand thrown through a chain link fence!  Dana Thynes

Use Hydroxychloroquine?  Are you CRAZY? and how to get it.  A discussion CENSORED by local radio station KFSK.  Courtney Truex & Dana Thynes

Thoughts on Censorship. Nancy Hoschar

What Do You Really Know About Vaccine Safety? Two Young Fathers Talk About Their Concerns.  Bosjun Reid & Michael Truex

Recent Articles

  1. The Law & Legal Remedies - What Can Citizens Do?

    Sep 07, 21 01:46 AM

    The word "EMERGENCY" seems to have rendered our law-makers impotent. What legal remedies do we have against medical tyranny?

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  2. PCR Tests - Why This Test Cannot Measure Real Infection

    Sep 06, 21 03:03 PM

    We now know that PCR tests cannot distinguish between “live” viruses & inactive (noninfectious) viral particles & therefore cannot be used as a diagnostic tool.

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  3. Vaccines - "Safe & Effective" is a Soundbite

    Sep 02, 21 02:13 AM

    Vaccines - "Safe & Effective" is a SOUNDBITE, not a scientific observation.

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