Vitamin C - Is It Just a Vitamin?

Vitamin C has properties that are antiviral, antihistamine, antitoxin, and antibiotic.

There are a lot of myths about this most common of vitamins.  Dr. Suzanne Humphries is able to clear these up:

Natural versus Synthetic Vitamin C

A shorter talk - just 36 minutes.

Vitamin C Basics

"This nutrient happens to be valuable from the time we are trophoblasts and embryos, until we take our very last breath," says Dr. Suzanne.  An hour-long technical talk, but very interesting.

Dr. Andrew Saul is a big proponent of using Vitamin C in "therapeutic" doses when ill.  This means dosages far beyond the RDA - temporarily!  Too much leads to diarrhea, but too little will have no effect, as the body burns through lots and lots of Vitamin C when fighting illness.

View The Evidence:1123 Abstracts with Vitamin C Research

The links here will take you to the website, where you can view or download this PDF:

"When it comes to safeguarding your health, there are few things more important than Vitamin C. In fact, there are over 60,000 studies indexed on PubMed documenting its effects on supporting nearly every system in your body:

  • Immune function
  • Collagen production and healthy skin
  • Mitigating free radicals and oxidative stress
  • Supporting neurological function

And more…

For those who wish to dig deeper into research, Greenmedinfo has developed an extensive database of over 1,100 Vitamin C studies relevant to over 400 different health conditions: Vitamin C database.

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