Treatments & Prevention 

A Guide to Homebased Treatment of COVID-19

This is not a medical site, and we are not doctors.  Just ordinary, but INFORMED citizens.  Any advice we give is our personal opinion. 

We've learned and gleaned a lot about what it takes to hold on to health in these trying times, and links for different protocols will be posted here.

You've heard the basics... Vitamin D, Vitamin C... and maybe you've heard about zinc, the virus killer.

But have you heard about quercetin, which assists zinc to actually get into the body's cells?  This supplement is available without a prescription!

Melatonin, too, has a positive affect on one's immune system...

AND THAT'S THE KEY.  Your own immune system.

At "Capitol Clarity," March 4th, 2021,  at the Idaho capitol, Dr. Ryan Cole gives an energetic talk about COVID mistakes and solutions. 

What does he say about hydroxychloroquine? 

He says he took it for 10 months while seeing thousands of patients, and never got sick.  But he says there is a better medicine...


Reports of serious injuries from Covid-19 vaccines are flooding social media.

In this 24-minute video, Immune Dysfunction Expert, Dr. James Neuenschwander, describes to Del Bigtree on TheHighWire what might be happening with reactions from this experimental vaccine.

Although COVID-19 vaccine makers have been granted legal immunity from all liability arising from harms from their vaccines, there are groups seeking legal remedies.  Go here if you wish to report an injury.






Home COVID kit in India

What's this? A home COVID kit?  This makes too much sense - it won't happen here in the U.S. or Alaska!  There's no money to be made!

Notice the ingredients... zinc, ivermectin, and an antibiotic.

All pretty cheap.  Too cheap, apparently, for our American public health agencies.

Medical Treatments

Interested in hydroxychloroquine, budesonide, ivermectin and other medical treatments?

Visit for information and studies that will assuage any fears you may have regarding using this very safe, very old drug.  America's Frontline Doctors are the group that gave a press conference in front of the Supreme Court last summer, hoping to assure Americans that there is nothing to fear about this virus.

Your doctor won't prescribe hydroxychloroquine for you?  You WILL be able to acquire it through the site SpeakWithAnMD.comThis is the telemedicine group used by to assist people whose own doctors are timid or ignorant.

Non-medical approaches: vitamins & supplements

These are things for which you don't need a prescription.

You have no doubt heard that Vitamin D is necessary for your immune system to battle infections.  You may also have heard or read that the majority of people who get sick with COVID-19 are very low in Vitamin D.  

And zinc seems to be the element that prevents viral replications, and therefore stops the virus before it can gain traction.

However, it is difficult to absorb zinc across the cell wall barrier.  Therefore, the supplement quercetin should be taken with zinc, as it assists zinc to cross that barrier.

Quercetin is often compared to hydroxychloroquine, because the mechanism of action is similar.  But while quercetin is said to shuttle zinc into the cell like a little car, hydroxychloroquine is likened to a machine gun, loaded with a zinc bullet.


There are many protocols for different stages of COVID-19 exposure and infection.  Here are some detailed instructions for staying healthy, and lists of supplements and prescription medications, with explanations of WHAT THEY DO:

This 26-page guide is useful for doctors as well as non-medical people.  Not only does it talk about treatment, but it has descriptions of the coronavirus itself and COVID illness.

Here is the Table of Contents:

Here is a page at that show other protocols commonly in use in the United States, by doctors who want to keep their patients out of the hospital:

This page is found at

And protocols aimed at PREVENTING COVID-19:

This is found on the same page:

What about doctors?  Can you find one, anywhere, to help you?

Further Reading


"Doctor Wagshul along with nine other leading and concerned physicians formed a working group devoted to creating a treatment protocol against COVID-19. The protocol they devised, called MATH+ is intended for use in the hospitalized patient, with an emphasis on early initiation — as soon as the patient develops a need for supplemental oxygen."  Full article

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