Memes That Summarize the COVID Experience

Here you go!  Take screen shots for your own use...

Just for fun... and education. 

A 4-minute comic video from the HighWire in the days BEFORE COVID.  As funny as it is, lots of facts are laid out.

Vaccine deaths & damage in UK, US, & Europe as of July 1 2021

That massive sphere all the way to the right?  A raindrop's profile.

Where's the virus?  Almost invisible, to the left of the smoke particle and a bacterium.  Yes, viruses can and do pass through masks.

face mask safety

Having fun on the rollercoaster.

Why do we lockdown?
Kary Mullis saying a PCR test doesn't tell you if you're sick

PCR tests become more inaccurate the more cycles are run.  Over a 34 cycle threshold, the rate of false positives approaches 100%.  Here in our Alaskan town, the head of the local clinic's lab has assured us that our tests are being processed at 45 cycles.  FORTY-FIVE.   So our test results are meaningless, though the real-life impacts are very meaningful!


Star Trek & vaccines
Favorite things about the new COVID vaccine

Childhood vaccine schedules 1962-2019

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