Feron's story:  Why Monsanto matters in the Covid-19 discussion

Omnicide-toxic or deadly to all living things.  (I created this term, but Monsanto created the substance.)

In 2018, our son Feron was born in a borrowed house in Port Townsend.  (Thanks David and Ellen Roscjowitz!) It was a magical moment, and like so many fathers before me, I was touched by the realization that the human body is an extraordinarily complex thing.  

Watching a birth transcends anything we can ever truly comprehend,

 belonging  in the realm of magic, or the supernatural. 

After a smooth birth, we were on cloud 9- perhaps, with our “natural” approach to life, parenting wouldn’t be so hard?  Three weeks later, Feron stopped being able to eat.  Like a switch had been flipped, nothing he swallowed stayed inside him.  It all came back as projectile.   

Eventually, we figured out that he was being afflicted by a thing called Pyloric Stenosis.  The muscle at the bottom of the stomach sometimes becomes inflamed and cinches shut.  

This is a one week death sentence,

more common in males, and usually occurring around 3-6 weeks of age. 


Nobody knows why, and I don’t think anyone is asking- the Medical industry had a solution- a surgery, a $50,000 dollar invasive surgery.  Putting a 3 week old child under is risky business, and the hours spent waiting to find out if our son was alive were torture- the worst moments of our lives.  

Feron lived, and the medical industry was our hero... sort of.

Still haunted by the unanswered WHY, I kept looking for answers.  For one, this thing sometimes happens again to the same child.  I needed to prevent a repeat that could devastate my Son.  

Enter Monsanto

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Round-up, an herbicide produced by Monsanto and sprayed on wheat, corn, soy and beyond.  They have genetically modified those plants to survive the chemical, and it is sprayed on live crops right up to harvest.  Through a complex series of pathways that would be its own paper, I determined the root cause of the event to be Gluten/glyphosate.

If I have one problem with the American medical industrial complex, it is the symptomatic approach taken to all illness.  They fixed Feron’s issue- they saved his life, and I am super thankful.  But what if that same American industrial complex was also the reason he had a problem in the first place?  Should I still thank them? 

Like so many illnesses, Pyloric stenosis was unheard-of in the past.

I can’t prove the causational connection to Glyphosate, but I can tell you its use is increasing dramatically, and so is the prevalence of gluten intolerance.  The timeline on these two match pretty well.

Fast forward two years, Feron is doing well, but the world is on its knees, crippled by a thing called Covid-19.  Like so many witch hunters of old, we’re out hunting symptoms again! Nobody is talking about where Covid came from, or why some people and places seem unaffected.  Everyone is talking about how sick it will or won’t make you, and how to suppress it, or stop the symptoms.   

As a shipwright, I work in the world of boats.  If your boat has a leak, you can use a pump to empty it, suppressing the symptom, if you will.  A second leak, a second pump, problem solved…?  It’s so easy to see that eventually, you should address the hole in your boat before you buy another pump.  For some reason, with all of our scientific might and prowess, the medical industrial complex refuses to fix leaks.  Instead, we build another pump.  

Back to this idea of an omnicide-

Roundup and its active ingredient, Glyphosate are marketed as an herbicide, but also advertised as killing at least 100 types of bugs. 

Humans are different than bugs, though, right?  A quick look at the history of pesticides- back in the 1940’s and 50’s, we slowly learned about the dangers of a then common pesticide - Lead arsenate, once thought to be safe for human consumption and sprayed liberally on fruits and vegetables. 

1962 brought Rachel Carson’s “silent spring” and sounded the alarm about DDT, which was then so prolific as to be sprayed on children in swimming pools, and fogged throughout neighborhoods. 

These two pesticides were likely what enabled the once harmless polio virus to cause so much paralysis.  The link is far beyond superficial.  (I highly recommend the riveting book “The Moth in the Iron Lung” as a primer to that issue.)

After the public learned of the toxicity of these two pesticides, and finally began to avoid them, Glyphosate was introduced, in 1974; completely deadly to insects and plants, but harmless to humans? The physiology and pathways of the human and insect body are different, but not THAT different...  

Why would we make that mistake again,

when history has shown otherwise?   American courts, in fact, have sided with plaintiffs, ruling that Glyphosate does cause cancers.  What else could it cause?

Since 1997or so, Glyphosate use has increased exponentially.  Here’s a well put together synopsis of the subject:  (https://www.alexfergus.com/blog/glyphosate-the-weed-killer-found-in-our-food-water) Have a look at this graph which shows we are using around 290 million pounds annually.  We now spray an average of .8 lbs per crop acre in the USA.

Bayer, who owns Monsanto, the inventor of glyphosate, has a different story to tell:

https://www.bayer.com/en/glyphosate/glyphosate-safe   They suggest the chemical is completely harmless, ignoring the fact that US courts have decided otherwise, I don’t need to point out the serious monetary motivation they have for holding this opinion. Could that affect the integrity of their stance?

A connection between covid-19 & particulate air pollution

Now, finally, back to COVID-19.  An extraordinary hypothesis was put forth in the article:   “Air Pollution, Biodiesel, Glyphosate and Covid-19”  Written by Stephanie Seneff, PhD, the article demonstrates a clear connection between covid-19 prevalence to particulate air pollution. 

In the article, she goes on to point out that biofuels are being produced primarily with Monsanto’s GMO, Roundup-Ready seed, and then liberally sprayed with Roundup.  In the USA, this is primarily corn used to produce ethanol, (something our fuel is noticeably free of here in Petersburg.) 

Here’s her in-depth explanation of the correlations:


Can Stephanie prove this causation?  No, just like I can’t prove Feron almost died because of glyphosate.  It still matters because when it comes to COVID 19, we’re currently marching down a whole lot of symptomatic solution roads.  

All of our "solutions" address only the symptom-

 we have unilaterally blamed a virus, and its implication felt causational enough.  

What if, just like lead arsenate enabled the formerly harmless enterovirus called polio virus, SARS CoV-2 has suddenly been enabled by a toxin, such as glyphosate?  If that IS the case, then we are fighting the wrong battle.  We should put our pumps away and fix the hole in the boat!   

In 2025, we may well discover, as we continue to increase production and use of glyphosate, that COVID-19 was only one of the risks it enabled, and was our “canary in the coal mine” chance to get out.  

The mainstream media has never mentioned Glyphosate in the Covid discussion.  Never have they mentioned 5G.  I can’t tell you how many 5G satellites are already deployed and functional, irradiating us with a “novel” radiation.  I can tell you their deployment coincides roughly with our pandemic. 

If there is a connection, we’ll never know, because no one is studying this.  The real connection I want all to see is the fact that if we refuse to safety check anything because of safety’s risk to profits, we severely endanger ourselves.

I expect more of science.

If science wants to be our light, leading the modern human through the darkness of the world, then that light should shine independently of profits. 

Independently of popularity. 

Independently of politics.   

When there’s a problem, science should look for causes, not find ways to hide symptoms.  Masks, lockdowns, travel restrictions, Remdesvir… all of these things are symptomatic approaches with no historic efficacy.   Amazingly, we are now producing a vaccine which is only going to address symptoms!  

Let's see what Anthony Fauci had to say about it:

Preventing symptoms is a “primary endpoint” in the vaccine development process, Fauci said. Getting rid of the virus altogether is considered a “secondary endpoint.”

“What I would settle for, and all of my colleagues would settle for, is the primary endpoint to prevent clinically recognizable disease,” he said. “And that’s what we hope happens, and if we do, that will go a long way to diffusing this very difficult crisis that we’re in.”

(To see Fauci say that for yourself, go here: https://thehighwire.com/videos/how-effective-is-the-covid-19-vaccine/

He makes the statement around 4:45 in the video, all of which is very interesting.)

What I’m trying to prove out here, isn’t that glyphosate is the problem (it certainly is a problem though, don’t you think?); I’m pointing out that we are over-simplifying the heck out of the issue, and in the long run, that’s going to hurt us. 

Just like cancer,

COVID-19 probably has more than one causational pathway.  It probably showed up in 2019 because of the convergence of multiple factors.  Isolating it down to one scapegoat, one virus, just happens to be the easiest way to fit this crisis into the “us vs. them” paradigm that we like to view our world through. 

(Read this essay by Charles Eisenstein for an excellent analysis of this pervasive perspective: https://charleseisenstein.org/essays/the-conspiracy-myth/)

In the end, we can do better.  We can do better as scientists, we can look for causes. We can do better as politicians: stop enforcing unproven authoritarian “solutions” on society just to look like we’re doing something...

And we can do better as community members, trusting each other like we always have. We the citizens of Petersburg are united.  We are united in that we’re looking for the best for ourselves, our town, our nation, and our world.  So let’s stand up for one another, even those with opposing opinions, and 

work together to understand what's happening.

So… back to Feron.  He’s almost three and soon he’ll be mandated to wear a mask in town.  Perhaps shortly thereafter we’ll be mandated or coerced into giving him the vaccine for Sars CoV-2.   Neither of these “solutions” is real, for me. 

I stand in proud opposition to false solutions because I want my son to grow up to a world that has done better.  I want a place where the human being can thrive, and neither the “image” of a politician nor the profits of corporations are allowed to cause harm.  If we accept a false solution now, will we still spend time and energy looking for a real one?  

With all of you in spirit, 

Michael Truex

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